Kent Eastwood is a sensitive experienced performer that has been bringing musical majesty to weddings and events over his extensive 20 year career. A multi-instrumentalist Kent plays both guitar and piano, whilst singing or playing the harmonica. Music has seen him perform all over the world including residencies in 5 star hotels in Phuket, Thailand, Frankfurt and Dresden in Germany and the 150 year old castle The Schloss Hotel, in Kronberg Germany. Often praised for his ability to read a room and be sensitive to volume, Kent’s has honed this natural skill and will know when to provide background music, when to crank it up a notch for a boogie or when to slip into a good old sing-a-long of the classics. His extensive repertoire appeals to all and crosses generation gaps without leaving anyone feeling left out. Kent is an ideal choice for your wedding or event and will leave all with a satisfied smile.